Corwin Trails is Michigan-based musician and sound artist Samuel Corwin Vandiver. In 2017-2018, he left the country to study under acclaimed recordists, Chris Watson and Jez riley French. In these immersive courses, held in rural England and the French Pyrenees, Corwin Trails was able to glean new approaches to the craft, both inside and outside the studio. This brief but essential education stressed, above all, the art of listening. Because of this, Samuel has since taken a keen interest in field recording. His most recent album, Wolf Songs Folk Songs, is strewn with sounds of the northern Michigan wilderness, where Samuel was raised.

Returning home, Samuel then enrolled in the Music for Healing and Transition Program, an accredited non-profit that certifies musicians to play for patients in hospitals. In early 2019, he graduated to become a Certified Music Practitioner and soon began playing in local hospitals. Samuel was then referred to another bedside arts program called Story Studio, where patients are invited to record their stories for family and friends. He interns there once a week.

Samuel can be reached at: corwintrails@gmail.com