Wolf Songs Folk Songs

“Corwin Trails is the yoke pulling music heritage and innovation.  Beauty finding place in what remains unreachable, Corwin Trails rhythmic composites are like undiscovered elements within the planet’s crust.  The compositions’ tremendous diversity and complex patterns is like a heavy shower of rain.  Listening under covered shelter a few times eventually provides the soundness to feel comfortable getting soaked.  Creating another aspect of these harmonies are field recordings from around the world and actual sounds from the forests of Corwin Trails home in Michigan. After many listens, one comparison that came to mind a few times is the album Lost and Safe by The Books.” (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

“Combining spring-modified acoustic instruments with field recordings from Asia and the forests of Michigan, this plucky, twittering, gently psychedelic recording reminded me at various points of Jon Hassell, Mum, gamelan, wind-up toys, dreams, and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.  Vandiver nearly died in the Nepalese earthquake of 2015, and these percolating soundscapes are a sonic diary of his own musical healing, a calling he has also taken up professionally.” (Erik Davis, author and podcast host of Expanding Mind)

“The music of the album manages to traverse musical landscapes within tracks and from piece to piece. There are times when you feel you are listening to a Gamelan record or a glitchy electronica one and then there will be a piece which has a real earthy feel.  It is every bit earthy as it is futuristic and electronic with sounds that remind me of early Autechre percussion seen through an Asian inspired prism.  One thing that comes across in the pieces is that they feel both joyous and expressive, but also exploratory. It seems like Vandiver is a traveller of the world, as well as being acute about sound and the natural world, and that these pieces are less about music and more about telling stories.” (Drifting Almost Falling)

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