Produced, directed and edited by Vandiver’s friend, Arjun Raj, this 10-minute short film accompanies the last song on the most recent Corwin Trails album Wolf Songs Folk Songs, “An old oak tree.” All footage was shot in India.

The following montage was created by placing all photographs taken during travels throughout India/Nepal in chronological order, giving the viewer a dreamlike glimpse of just how fast, colorful and chaotic life in this landscape really is.

The next two videos were created by Greg Reitman (aka Flying Blynd) and were produced for a 93EP b-sides album, Future B-Sides.

The remaining collection run as a kind of short film to the soundtrack that is 93EP. Using exclusively home videos from childhood, these glitchy, warbled, nostalgia-drenched vignettes act as portals back to those halcyon days of youth. See here Corwin Trails’ audiovisual tribute to the year 1993.